FundsIndia Review: Best Online Investment Platform of India

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With more and more investment options providing online platform these days we are going to analyse India’s first online platform in our FundsIndia Review. FundsIndia is an online investment platform which helps you to invest in several investment options at one place like Equity, Mutual funds, bonds, Company fixed deposits.

Before starting our FundsIndia Review let us see background of them.

FundsIndia was basically founded by C.R. Chandrasekar and Srikanth Meenakshi. FundsIndia in 2009. The website is owned by company Wealth India Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.It was started with just mutual funds platforms but later supported other investment products like stocks, bonds,corporate fixed deposits, and more.

FundsIndia Review

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FundsIndia Review

Services Offered


SIP Insurance is a product where you get life insurance cover when you adopt for SIP without any cost, but the AMC may impose certain conditions to be fulfilled for availing insurance.


In super savings product you get an account with debit card which can be used same as your normal debit card. Here they park your money in Reliance liquid fund. So that you get interest rate up to 9% without any market risk.

Mutual Funds

It provides a platform called Money Mitr. Here you get platform for investing all mutual funds you can only buy regular funds. That’s the only drawback on Fundsindia. But if you are busy and don’t have have time to visit different fund houses to purchase and manitain mutual funds FundsIndia is perfect platform for you.

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

This is part of mutual funds where you can invest in small amount starting from as low as Rs 500/-. In SIP also you can only invest in direct mutual funds. All services are online and also on mobile hence can be accessed from any where.

Opening Account

Funds India Review

You can open an online account by filling online form. Documents to be attached are aadhar card, Pan card, Cancelled bank cheque. All documents should be self attested. After pre-verification of documents, the account is active and you can transfer money and start investing. Now further in our FundsIndia Review we will see its advantages.

Advantages of using FundsIndia
  • Single Window operation
  • Easy tracking of NAV of fund
  • Excellent Portfolio Management
  • Value added services
  • Top notch support
  • Well researched funds selected as per your risk taking capabilities.

Disadvantages Of Funds India

Self Research

Funds India recommendations keep changing but for you, it is difficult to shift investment that frequently. Hence, you need to do their own research before investing.

Only Regular Funds Option

You can only buy regular funds hence if you want to opt for direct funds you have no option.

Re balancing Of Portfolio

Reba lacing of portfolio according to market can be tiresome job for you. Fundsindia is a do it yourself platform hence at the end you have to do it yourself and keep tracking of your funds.

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 Final Verdict

After this detailed FundsIndia Review what I can say is, If you are a active investor, then you can directly buy from the fund houses bypassing your distributors like FundsIndia. The unique advantage of Direct Plan is broker commission is exempted. Lower charges means higher returns for you. The biggest challenge of direct plan is the paperwork and to keep track of all your login details of all fund houses you invest in.

Let me know your views on FundsIndia in Below comments.

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